Julie Lines, UK Guest Speaker "The Purpose of Species"

Julie Lines, UK Guest Speaker "The Purpose of Species"

Julie had been practicing animal communication for quite a few years and started noticing Charles and Erasmus Darwin showing up in pictures here, statues there and at random moments on TV, she would flick onto a channel and they would be there. This continued for some time and Julie decided to ask what their message was in meditation?

The answer was amazing!  

They said quite clearly that whilst On The Origin of Species shared Charles's beliefs about HOW animals came to be here, they wanted her to listen to the animals collectively to understand WHY they are here and to share this.  

Julie had been starting to get a sense of animal species "showing up" in similar ways to the Darwin's and sure enough when she became ready to listen and scribe, in turn, each species that came forward shared their very powerful messages for humanity.  So she spent many a night waking up bolt upright and knowing she had to get her journal and simply let the pen do it's job. She would fall back to sleep and awake, excited to read what the specific species had shared.  Then she would add them to her website for others to read and ponder. She never ceased to be amazed, humbled and in complete awe of the brilliance of nature, the animals and the intelligence that is in and around us. She felt so very lucky to be given these messages to share with others ready and willing to hear them too.

Julie is eagerly looking forward to sharing  some of these special messages with you at the conference. More about the messages here.

Julies Biography

Julie Lines is a gifted and internationally acclaimed leadership expert and a trainer and master of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Her passionate focus is in inspiring heart centred change, working with nature’s wisdom, positively transforming people so that they can help to rebalance this incredible planet we live on. 
For over 12 years, Julie worked with leadership expert Stephen R. Covey  and was one of his organisations’ senior UK based consultants, working with some of the most innovative and influential leaders and organisations in the world. Her past corporate experience includes a senior HR role as a Global Leadership Development Consultant, at Barclays Bank for over 8 years.
She established her own consultancy and effectively created positive change for over 13 years. Julie has blended all of her skills, experience and knowledge to enable her to follow her true passion for nature centred education and transformation, including:-
  • Founding the animal awareness organisation ‘Voice of the Animals’ building a social media following of 123,000. 
  • Publishing her groundbreaking book “The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond” 
  • Co-founding the pioneering ‘Awakening to Animals’ Conferences 
In 2015 she was invited to formalise her long standing connection with The Global White Lion Protection Trust and is now the Director of the UK Office, where she specialises in sharing the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ with organisations and individuals.
Julie inspires people to change by helping them to learn about themselves through connecting with animals, nature and the authentic wisdom they have to share. She encourages people to follow their true passions and to take action to help rebalance themselves, and in turn the planet, with natural wisdom at the heart of all she does. 

She lives in the beautiful rolling hills of the Derbyshire Dales, England with her partner David, Jack the cat and Apache the horse, with David’s three children at the weekends too.
Additionally Julie will be presenting a short introduction on the Global White Lion Protection Trust with Linda Tucker and the work they do. 
Read more about this here.


Photo used under Creative Commons from kennethkonica  Animal Energy World © 2013 All rights reserved.

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