Charity 2017 Skiathos Cat Welfare Association

£550.00 was received and announced in total following the conference, to this worthy cause, thank you everyone.

All proceeds from the sponsored raffle donations at the conference go to the association.Raffles always welcomed.

Skiathos Cat Welfare Association was formed by Sharon Hewing in 2007, although we are a Greek registered charity.

Registered Charity No:2177/2011 (August 2011)

We rely totally on donations via our website, Facebook, tourists, and various small scale fundraising events.

The purpose of our Association is to :-

  • Foster a general awareness throughout the local community on the plight of stray cats
  • Engage the local, national and international community on issues having to do with Cat welfare
  • Make partnerships with various organizations to further expand opportunities to improve the wellbeing of the local stray cat population
  • Raise funds and to invite and receive donations to facilitate the provision of food, medication and veterinary services including neutering for the stray cat population

Skiathos Cat Welfare is not a cat shelter or indeed a sanctuary the charity is based at the home of Sharon Hewing where there is currently 150+ plus free roaming cats, cats with disabilities for instance blindness who could not survive on the streets. 

Our greatest wish is to relocate the charity and its cats to a suitable area in Skiathos, with is safe and secure. Sadly this will take a huge amount of funds to buy land, funds which sadly we do not have but in the near future we hope to be able to raise the profile of the charity and encourage large scale donations to move forward to a secure future for the stray cats.

In the meantime neutering is our NO 1 priority. Around the Island various volunteers feed in excess of 300 cats, that’s a huge amount of food which takes up the majority of our regular donations.

These strays are also treated for any medical needs We actively seek donations towards neutering and in 2014 the highly respected Brigit Bardot Foundation granted us a donation to neuter 200 cats over the summer period. Neutering has to be a continual large scale process if we are to stabilise the stray cat population. In 2015 with the help of volunteer 

vets and help from the resident vets Skiathos Cat Welfare achieved the fantastic figure of 5000 cats neutered since 2005, just think how many unwanted kittens have been prevented from being born into a life of hardship.                                                          

Through our continued work the local community is now very receptive to making a difference, there is still a long way to go but through continuing to seek neutering help and in conjunction with  education we will get there

We welcome volunteer Vets and other animal welfare professionals and also volunteers with no professional experience who want to make a difference in animal welfare.


Please visit the website here       And join us on our Facebook page here










Previous charities the conference has supported :

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  • 2015 The Dog You Need Association , Peter Singh, Spain/UK

Photo used under Creative Commons from kennethkonica  Animal Energy World © 2013 All rights reserved.

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