Sponsored Donations 2017

£550.00 was received and announced in total following the conference, to this worthy cause, thank you everyone.
The Animal Energy World Conference 2017 is supporting Skiathos Cat Welfare Association with full proceeds from the sponsored  prizes below to be raffled at the event on Sunday May 14th. Raffle prizes welcomed contact here.

Marie Holliday, Founder & Organiser of the Conference will be offering two prizes. 

1.1 hour and half session communicating with your animal companion via Skype. OR

2. Learn how to communicate using a pendulum with comprehensive  ebooks (excluding skype tuition)

Marie has worked for many years with animals and their guardians and never ceases to be amazed at the depth they genuinely want to communicate with us at multi levels.

Session worth £75.00  Learn how to communicate online courses starts at £75  More on Maries work here

 Rupert Iasaacson our Keynote Speaker is holding a live conference call on Saturday 13th May from Texas, USA. As one of our Keynote Speakers he will be speaking of his quest for helping his autistic son Rowan and their family journey to Mongolia to visit the Shamans & use their horses for therpay for Rowan. 

Rupert has several books and a film that went out. He has very kindly donated 2 of each book to the conference worth  $13.50 each ( total value $54.00) Read more about Rupert here.



Caroline Thomas is one of our inspirational Guest Speakers and has very generously donated a Bachs Flowers for Animals Practitioner Course worth £250.00

The course is accredited as a practitioner course and successful completion entitles the student to get full insurance from Balens. There are no pre-requirements and no physiology and anatomy. Course information here And more about Caroline and her Conference presentation here


Michelle Childerley creates beautifully hand crafted glass beads and rings infused with fur, ash, horsehair 

and hair from your animal companion.Each bead is bespoke and the glass colour and type are individually chosen by you. What a beautiful way to celebrate and remember your animal companion.

Michelle is kindly offering a Pandora Style Bead on a bracelet with your choices to the value of £34.99

Discover more about Michellles work here and Join her On Facebook




Deborah Jane Sutton is an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Author. Trained by Dr Bradley Nelson, she has been successfully using these Energy Healing methods for a number of years now to create what seems like 'miracles' in her own life as well as the lives of her clients.Deborah's first book "Heal yourself to Happiness" became an instant #1 Best Seller in Energy Healing on Amazon and is now also available in Spanish.Deborah is generously donating 2 x Healing Sessions (via Skype) valued at €75 each. For more information about Deborah and her work visit www.deborahjanesutton.com



Safaya Alexandra Salter is a multi talented Guest Speaker who is gifting 1hr.30 mins Skype one to one In this session, Safaya will use her energy techniques with you and this can involve an animal. 

If you prefer then Safaya can do a distance session. 

Value: £75.00     Read more about Safaya and her presentation at the conference here.                                                                              


Julie Lines is another of our truly inspirational international Guest Speakers who is Head of the Great White Lion

Protection Trust UK. She is speaking and giving an insight on her own experiences, messages from animals and her book 'The Purpose of Species'. Additionally she is giving a short presentation on Linda Tuckers work with the white lions. Linda is the Founder and CEO of the South African trust and in respect of that is gifting a stunningly beautiful A3 white lion print and 4 bars of the very special Lions Raw Chocolate. Linda is shown on the photograph. Read more about Julie here.

Joanne Yeoh is generously donating her eBook "Communicating with Animals", 5 audio guides to accompany the eBook plus a 30 minute 1-2-1 skye/phone coaching. Total value £75.00 (to be claimed by 31st August 2017) 

A clear,easy guide to communicating with animals, this book will explain everything that you need to know to successfully communicate with your pet, using only their photograph.

The course will help you to have in-depth communication with your pet & clarification to any questions you may have or problems you may be facing. 

Read more about Joanne and her intuitive and inspirational work with animals here.



Madeleine Walker ,one of our  truly inspirational Guest Speakers of International renown has gifted this beautiful CD. 'Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight'.

It is accompanied on the reverse side with beautiful words including a message from Starlion Mandla.

Read more about Madeleine and her work here.                                                          


Skiathos Cat Welfare Association is the conferences chosen charity for 2017 . 

They have kindly gifted these 2 beautiful items. A pendant necklace and a bracelet as 2 seperate prizes.You can find out how to help Skiathos more, volunteer, donate or buy beautiful gifts.  

Its a small charity making a big change for our feline friends in the world and well worthy of our support for 2017 and help raise their profile of the inspirational work they are doing.

More information here.


Luca Dray is kindly donating a botanical self healing session for a cat, dog, horse or donkey. Including remedies used during the session value up to £15.00 

Luca is a botanical self healing facilitator, and Animal communicator, who is passionate about giving animals the choice to 

lead the way.Botanical Self Healing is a practice that harnesses an animals natural ability to self medicate, by providing the remedies they require to do this. Luca is taken on a journey thro BSH and AC, and works with the animals to a place of wellness 

More information on Luca and her work with animals can be found here.



Ferris Jay is generously donating 2 x distance sessions for the conference.

These can be pet healing sessions for animals (and their people) or pet loss support sessions / pet parent coaching sessions.The sessions are worth €75 each .

You can find more details of these services on Ferris's website here




Rowen Wilde, one of our delegates has donated a fabulous Bush CDPlayer as new, never been used and still in the 

box.Thank you Rowen, appreciated!                                                                                                    




We have a delegate donation from Mandie Danks who is offering a Bach Flower Remedy consultation for either human or 
animal in person if they are happy to travel or close enough to travel. (Kilbirnie, Scotland)

Or alternatively via Skype. You can find Mandy here on Facebook.


Ana Maria Vasquez is a Keynote Speaker and is generoulsy donating her  Animals as Messengers'  web course.

Value $127. Visit Ana Maria's website here for full information and more about her wonderful work.

Photo used under Creative Commons from kennethkonica  Animal Energy World © 2013 All rights reserved.

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