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Welcome to Maries very own Animal Energy World.

Marie loves animals with a passion and these are some of her animal companions or animals she has cared for. One thing 

they all have in common is Maries use of energy techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping as its 

known) with her animals including wildlife. 

She has  used EFT and other energy techniques with all of them for sickness, anxiety, pain, behavioural issues and 

moving to new homes , introducing a new animal into the home etc.

She has been using energy techniques for many years for herself, clients, and animal clients and their guardians. She 

would love you to take time to read a very spiritual calling where the conference involved from, here.

Marie is so passionate about animals and sharing her knowledge and skills that she now has several Facebook sites to 

help everyone depedning on their interest. They are  all listed here 

The mission of these communities is to raise awareness of the using and sharing of energy techniques,emotions, 

communication , healing and psychology to help and support our animal friends and all animals worldwide.

As one community Marie believes that we can all aspire to raise the vibrational energy for all beings on our planet 

including our own best friends and contribute to the wellbeing of all animals worldwide including abused, abandoned and 

wild animals.

Marie believes that as individuals we have an ability to help all our animals and if we help one then we have shifted not 

only our own energy to a higher level but also that of a higher vibrational state of the animals, collectively raising the 

energy field of our planet. She is actively involved in a Project Sacred World where she would love you to actively join her 

in this fascinating project which will culminate at the conference and more information here.

Discover more on Animal Energy World website.





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