Amanda-Jayne Staddon, UK, Guest Speaker "The Natural Approach to Equine Assisted Therapy"

Amanda-Jayne Staddon, UK, Guest Speaker "The Natural Approach to Equine Assisted Therapy"

Amanda-Jayne Staddon spent 20 years in the legal and financial services working within accounts and as an independent financial advisor, allowing her to have the business and corporate knowledge to create the charity the natural approach group, working with those suffering from mental illness and abuse plus her extensive knowledge and understanding of autism through her own and her daughters experiences, particularly of Asperger's. This has inspired her to want to help others, with life coaching and motivational speaking she hopes to raise peoples awareness.

She’s able to help individuals physically and mentally suffering with ; ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Depression, Developmental Delay, Genetic Syndromes, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Behavioural Issues, Abuse Issues, PTSD, Drug and Alcohol Addictions, Self Confidence, Eating Disorders and other mental health issues via Equine Therapy .

Amanda-Jayne uses reiki, healing and animal communication with animals although specialising in horses and dogs dealing with physical/emotional issues with great success. She has studied equine behaviour both in the UK and overseas with equine ethologists such as Dr Lucy Rees, Dr Martha Kiley-Worthington, Lynn Henry (think like a pony) and Vanessa Bee of positive horsemanship and founder of the international Horse Agility Club. 

Equine Assisted Therapy

We all know that horses are a great therapy, but did you know that they can BE the therapy?  Like horses not all children have a great start in life, some with the best intentions but many unfortunately suffer with downright cruelty – which is wrong no matter which way you look at it.  Horses can go one of two ways when they are upset, frightened or struggling to process what is happening in their life they either explode where they show a physical behaviour – a bolt, a kick, bite, rear or buck.  This can be very frightening to witness and even more so if you are on the receiving end but to add this fear and anxiety to the horses mix can make matters worse and they escalate rather than calm down.  Likewise if you are angry and someone starts to shout at you – you will simply get angrier!!!

The other way horses deal with their trauma is to implode and this is the most dangerous of the two – believe it or not!!  This is where a horse (or a person) is so fearful or angry that they bury it deep within them and shut the outside world out.  They beat themselves up from the inside and have to stomach all sorts of ugly tasting upsets – until one day when they can’t swallow any more it all has to come back up and this can be something that has nothing to do with the actual trigger it is just the last straw, if your lucky.  Sometimes people and horses implode so much that they shut down from the outside world and although come across as bomb proof and a school master as they are not reacting anymore to anything that goes on around them – they have actually given up and don’t care what happens to them which is such a sorry state to be in.

Many of us have had times when we feel like the world is just too tough or we know a friend that simply seems to struggle with everything around them or has shut down and is no longer connecting with their friends or family.  These are the guys that need your help – likewise if it’s you then you simply need to let someone now you are struggling and need an ear to listen not a voice to yell.

If the horse that explodes was soothed rather than yelled at they would have calmed down enough to understand their surroundings, if the nervous horse was encouraged they would become braver and try new things.  No one has the right to judge any other being be it a horse or a human – until you have walked in their shoes and seen things through their eyes and felt it within their heart you cannot possibly know how they feel.  You simply can listen, understand and support.

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