Marie Holliday, Spain-UK, Founder, Organiser & Keynote Speaker.'Vibrational Energy'

Marie Holliday, Spain-UK, Founder, Organiser & Keynote Speaker.'Vibrational Energy'

As  the Founder and Organiser of the Inaugural Conference in Spain 2014 Marie believes this is an opportunity to share a remarkable and life changing experience that happened to her in 2013 which changed her life in a huge way- for our animals. She has shared this vision and experience with all the Speakers who will be presenting as to the ethos, sentiments and ´how the conference came about´ . She believes what she will share with you at the Conference will explain the love, compassion, genuinity and humbling experience that she and her colleagues have for this annual Conference. It will explain why it simply just isn´t a conference but a shift in our conciousness for our animals and our own higher self. And that Lucy one of her dogs that passed away in 2013 was her biggest teacher. 

Marie is an AAMET International Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT, being an expert in her own right working with serious illness for twelve years and seeing her clients benefits of using EFT. Although Marie still works with clients and teaches EFT, she has for many years turned her attention to working with Animals. This is animals including our pets, animal associations and wildlife.

She has developed her work and research to such an extent now and has much to share with anyone interested that she has designed courses to help people everywhere use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and several Energy Techniques with all Animals and Commuincate with them via a Pendulum. 

She has worked with anxiety, trauma,behaviour issues, illness of many types but stresses the involvement of a vet at all times with your pets.She considers it a privilege to work with animal companions that have passed over and are near end of life stages who often have messages for their guardians.

Marie believes animals respond simply to many techniques that will be demonstrated at the conference as they are energetically connected to us and we  to them. As Albert Einstein said in the 1920´s we are all made of energy.

She believes that ¨Animals are energetcially connected and all we are doing is connecting to that energy form and psychology-it is there if we just try to connect to them, for they certainly connect to we humans! ¨

About Marie:

She learned Emotional Freedom Techniques over 12 years ago now following a double brain haemorrhage in Spain. Left with serious debilitating symptoms that the medical world could not help and no confidence, no job - she was introduced to EFT very basically by a local hypnotherapist and tried this ¨tapping¨as it is called where tapping is done with fingers on selected acupoints.

She has never looked back, having recovered in 2 days by tapping on herself! The rest is history and whilst it seemed like a miracle then , it still never ceases to amaze her by the sheer simplicity of the technique.

Presentation: Vibrational Energy

Marie is involved in Project Sacred World which is a vibrational essence to help animals worldwide and will be created up to and during the conference, culminating on Sunday afternoon at the conference venue. This will be able to be used both by animal guardians and their companions alike.

Here is a link to read about some of Marie´s work with animals and share some insights into Animal Energy World.

Also please join me on Facebook Animal Energy World .

She has introduced two groups to Facebook so please feel free to join.

Animal Energy World Community where we discuss animals, articles, ask questions, share information etc and Monday is Marketing day where everyone shares what is happening in their world such as new business, new book, website, DVD, workshop, course etc.

Animal Energy World Healing Group where there are dedicated members who will help with healing requests

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