Caroline Thomas, UK, Guest Speaker " Flowers to the Rescue - Mental Health & Autism Issues within our Furry Friends"

Caroline Thomas, UK, Guest Speaker " Flowers to the Rescue - Mental Health & Autism Issues within our Furry Friends"

Caroline has been working with flower essences and animals for over 14 years. She initially qualified as a Bach Flower Practitioner and then as an Animal Bach Flower Practitioner via the Bach Flower Centre in Oxford and then at the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. Over the next 8 years Caroline volunteered at Remus Horse Sanctuary each week making up flower essence remedies and offering reiki to the beautiful animals. Caroline called this her apprenticeship as she worked with many animals during that time and believes strongly that we learn the most through experience. 

She developed a Reiki program at Remus and is the only European founding member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). This is where she met the President Kathleen Prasad who is now her dear friend and mentor and who has been a constant inspiration to Caroline. At this time Caroline went on to study PsychAromatica with Nayana Morag which uses aromatherapy to get to the root of any problem an animal may have using Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques. Nayana specializes in Meridians and this is where Caroline developed her interest in EFT and is now a member of the Guild of Energists. 

Caroline continued to work with Bach flowers and became very passionate about helping animals with mental health issues. Partly driven by her own experiences which affected her earlier in her life, she has been helping animals with extreme emotional and behavioural problems using flower essences with much success. Caroline began working with the Face Book group Canine Autism Spectrum Disorder over 4 years ago, it is here that flower essences have been instrumental in helping the dogs regain back normality. The group is run by Petra Dance and is supported by holistic vet Nick Thompson. Caroline is a Registered Pharmacy Technician and manager at a busy Doctors surgery in Essex. She applies the same approach to her staff and patients and has filled her office with crystals and flowers, where many a time GP’s who have popped in and have said that they can feel the calm loving energy. (Changing one GP at a time, is her mission)

Caroline has followed closely the works of Arthur Bailey, who was the founder and creator of the Bailey essences. She was fascinated by his down to earth approach and his scientific mind. He created many of the essences on the Ilkley moors and Caroline loved his passion for flower essences and the clever way that he created them. Caroline contacted Bailey Essences and was given permission 4 years ago to write a book about how they can help animals. 

To gather the needed evidence Caroline has trialed the essences with over 40 animals around the world. This year Bailey Essences asked Caroline to develop a range of ‘7’ combination essences for specific animal behaviours, they will be launched with Caroline’s book in 2017 which as it happens, is also the ‘50th’ year of the creation of the Bailey essences.

Caroline has written 2 fully insurable online practitioner courses for Animal Bach Flower and Crystal therapy and has an online academy, which allows her students to study with her via Skype and Facebook. In her spare time Caroline makes candles and holistic animal healing pendants and collars for dogs and cats and also rhythm beads for horses. Caroline has been happily married for over 25 years and has two sons, two Spaniels and two cats.

Additionally, she is involved in Project Sacred World which is a vibrational essence to help animals worldwide and will be created up to and during the conference, culminating on Sunday afternoon at the conference venue. This will be able to be used both by animal guardians and their companions alike.

Title of Speech –‘ Flowers to the rescue in treating Mental Health and Autism Issues within our furry friends’

Brief run down of Speech – Caroline will discuss 

  • ·         Talk about her own mental health issues and how she overcame them.
  • ·         Talk about the synchronicity of being invited to the Craiglands and about Arthur Bailey
  • ·         Talk about flower essences and how they help animals
  • ·         Discuss why mental health issues are so prevalent and presenting in animals today?
  • ·         Discuss case studies that she has worked on with mental health issues
  • ·         Open up for questions on mental health issues and flower essences
  • ·         Discuss why does autism presents in animals?
  • ·         Discuss why she thinks this is happening
  • ·         Discuss the work that the Autism in dogs FB page does and talk about the diagnostic tool for diagnosing autism in dogs.
  • ·         Discuss cases studies of the dogs she has worked with who have been diagnosed with the diagnostic autism tool
  • ·         Discuss autism the work that she does
  • ·         Open up for questions

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